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We are a church that is blessed with a great staff. We are here to help and support you.

The Rev. Peter Nycklemoe

Senior Pastor
Direct: 612-767-9202
Email Pastor Peter

The Rev. Melissa Pohlman

Pastor for Community Ministry
Direct: 612-767-9214
Email Pastor Melissa

The Rev. Stephanie Friesen

Pastor for Formation and Care
Direct: 612-767-9203
Email Pastor Stephanie

The Rev. Brian Gutzmann

Visitation Pastor
Email Pastor Brian

The Rev. Dr. Judith Stone

Visitation Pastor
Email Pastor Judith

Brenda Blackhawk

Director of Communications
Direct: 612-767-9235
Email Brenda

Mark Carroll

Food Service Director
Direct: 612-767-9225
Email Mark

Kari Colchin

Children, Youth, and Family Coordinator
Email Kari

Fred Coleman

Security Officer
Main: 612-870-4416
Email Fred

Michael Dee

Life Passages Coordinator
Direct: 612-767-9232
Email Michael

Isaac Drewes

Acting Director of Worship & Music
Direct: 612-767-9231
Email Isaac

Theresa Dunbar

Main: 612-870-4416

Pat Hansen

Administrative Assistant
Direct: 612-767-9205
Email Pat

Mark Kieffer

Sound Operator
Direct: 612-767-9234
Email Mark

Karen Knox

Coordinator for Shared Ministry
Direct: 612-767-9211
Email Karen

Sara Masters

Director of Operations & Finance
Direct: 612-767-9220
Email Sara

Joe Osowski

Interim Choir Director
Email Joe

Dave Rodriguez

Director of Facilities
Direct: 612-767-9223
Email Dave

Sherry Shannon



Charles Smith

Email Charles

Lorraine Wookey

Kitchen, Custodial, and Security Support

Dwayne Wright

Director of Security
Email Dwayne

Congregation Council

Jeff Block, President
Rexanne Spicer, Vice President
Heidi Tysk-Poppe, Secretary
Karl Starr, Treasurer
Julie Anderson, Member at Large
Mark Erickson, Member at Large
Kirsten Hash, Member at Large
Rachel Moeller, Member at Large
Ann Oyen, Member at Large
Rod Richter, Member at Large

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