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Choristers is seeking new members! Email Director Isaac Drewes ( to learn about this opportunity for your child to receive a free, well-rounded music education.


Central Lutheran Choristers, our children’s choir program, is built on the fundamental truth children are not only the future of the church; children are the church, here and now. We seek to live into this reality through three means:

  • Faith formation – Choristers learn about our Lutheran-Christian faith through music. They gain a deeper appreciation of how and why we worship the way we do.
  • Music education – Choristers learn the fundamentals of singing, music theory, and choir membership. They are challenged to learn new skills and expand upon what they know.
  • Church leadership – Choristers lead worship through their singing together. Participation in Choristers forms life-long, engaged leaders.

Our Chorister program is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America (RSCM). In addition to learning choral music, participants receive music theory instruction in a supportive and welcoming environment. Older participants may attend RSCM summer choir residencies, where they join with Choristers from around the country in a weeklong, residential choir experience.

Normally, this sort of music education would have significant tuition. However, we are excited to offer this well-rounded music education free-of-charge, as a ministry of Central Lutheran to the wider community.

A Day in the Life
Wednesday evenings, Choristers and their families gather for dinner at 5:30p.m. After dinner, singers transition to RSCM Voice for Life training, where they learn the fundamentals of music literacy and theory. At 6:15p.m., rehearsal begins with several warm-up activities to get the whole body engaged and ready to sing. We spend the bulk of rehearsal time learning music for Sunday morning services: choir pieces, hymns, and any other music in the service. At the end of rehearsal, Choristers enjoy some well-earned social time.

RSCM Voice for Life is a graduated curriculum designed to teach Choristers the skills that they will need for a lifetime of singing at a high level. Students start by learning music reading skills, then move on to basic music theory knowledge, followed by more advanced concepts. The curriculum is designed to allow each student to learn at their own pace. As participants advance, they earn ribbons for each level completed. Choristers who complete Voice for Life will leave with the skills necessary to sing in higher level choirs, whether that be in a college, church, or professional setting.

Performances take place 1-2 times per month at the Sunday, 10:30am service, as well as other major church holidays. Some Sundays, the Choristers perform on their own; other Sundays, they perform SATB repertoire with the adult choir. We also have opportunities throughout the year to perform with choirs from other churches in the area.

About the Director
Isaac Drewes (he/him) is a consummate church musician and organist. He is passionate about helping young musicians find their voice in worship. A graduate of St. Olaf College and Eastman School of Music, he began in his role at Central Lutheran Church in August, 2020. Prior to his arrival at Central, he assisted in the development of the Saint James Cathedral Choir School in Chicago. In addition to directing Central’s Chorister program, Isaac serves as principal organist, plans liturgical music for Sunday morning services, and accompanies the adult choir. Outside of church, Isaac might be riding his bike, in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Who: Children 2nd-8th grade; young children should be able to read text at a basic level. Participation is open to all faith backgrounds, and church membership is not required.
When: Wednesday nights, weekly:
5:30-6:00 – Dinner
6:00-6:15 – RSCM Training
6:15-7:15 – Rehearsal
7:15-7:30 – Social Time

Sunday mornings, 1-2 times/month:
9:00-9:45 – Warmup
9:45-10:15 – Sunday School
10:30-11:40 – Worship

Several additional performances throughout the year, including Christmas Eve and Easter Vigil (3/30/24, the night before Easter).

Where: Central Lutheran Church
333 S. 12th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Contact: Isaac Drewes, Acting Director for Worship and Music

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