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We are delighted to work with members and friends of Central at key moments in your life. That may include baptism into the church, preparing for marriage, or the proclamation of new life in a funeral or memorial service.


Thank you for finding your way to the life passages web pages for Central Lutheran Church. If you are looking to schedule the funeral for a loved one or working on planning a wedding in the future, please email Pastor Stephanie Friesen, the Pastor for Care and Formation. Pastor Stephanie will follow up with you to see how the Central faith community and pastors may support you in this time. You can reach her via email at or her directly line 612-767-9203.

A few details for you to be aware of as Central practices safe church during this COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. There are attendance limits that are set by the Congregation Council, in response to the Governor’s mandates and best practice in pandemic. As of November 24, 2020, funerals and weddings are now needing to be limited to 10 people, including service participants.  This limit does change based on the Governor’s guidance. The previous limit was 25 people, including service participants.
  2. All attendees must follow the safe at church protocols, which we will review with you before the service.
  3. There are specific days and times that are set aside for funerals at this time. These set days and times are part of the safe at church plan. Pastor Stephanie will share the current days and times that are open for funerals and weddings when you email or visit on the phone.
  4. These are complex times. The death of a loved one or a planned wedding celebration adds to this complexity. We are committed to work with you in a gracious way that is supportive while remaining dedicated to safe procedures we have instituted at Central. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Peter Nycklemoe

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Pastor Stephanie Friesen
Pastor for Care and Formation

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