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We have identified the four primary ministry areas of our mission: worship, formation, community and generosity for mission. Clear definition enables us to work together more effectively, and provides clearer direction to our missional activity.

Ninety-seven years ago, the 12 founding families listened to where God was calling them and responded by taking a risk. They invested in their faithfulness to God, not for themselves, but for their children, and their children’s children. Although they did not know what Central’s faith community would look like in the future, they built a foundation that they felt would serve that community’s needs. The result of this faithfulness is both a tangible legacy in our stunning sanctuary that still stands almost 100 years later and that we are privileged to worship in, and an intangible legacy in the passion of our members to welcome and tend to all who come through our doors, and to explore what the promise of God means.

But the work of our founders and Pastor Stub was just the beginning of a never ending job. Times have changed, the challenges are different, but the fundamental charge faced by the founders remains with us today—to listen to where God is calling us and acting accordingly. Central has experienced its share of hardship, but we should not let that distract us from being good stewards of the gifts of our founders. Under the thoughtful leadership of Pastor Nycklemoe, and the guidance of our rostered and non-rostered leaders and staff, we can take our own risks and act on the opportunities to place Central Lutheran in a position where it can continue the vital work of responding to the needs of the city and the generations to come for the next 100 years.

— Former Church Council President David West

You are welcome. No exceptions.

Central Lutheran Church experiences God’s expansive love and strives to share it abundantly. We affirm all people without regard to age, race, biological sex, housing status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, immigration, refugee or migration status, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, and physical or mental health or ability. All are a part of God’s family, created in God’s image. 

We strive to practice radical hospitality with all people.  Everyone is invited to immerse themselves in the life of this community of faith as we explore the promise of God for all.

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