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We have identified the four primary ministry areas of our mission: worship, formation, community and generosity for mission. Clear definition enables us to work together more effectively, and provides clearer direction to our missional activity.

In everything we do, Central Lutheran is driven by our mission statement: exploring the promise of God for all. We strive to welcome—with no exception—all who come through our (physical or virtual) doors and share God’s expansive love.

We at Central Lutheran today are grateful to be the beneficiaries of the faithfulness and vision of the families that established this congregation more than a century ago. Although they could not predict the future of Minneapolis or what the needs of this faith community might be 100 years later, they established a firm foundation for Central to take on whatever challenges the future might hold. That foundation remains today, both physically in the form of the stunning, century-old sanctuary in which we are privileged to worship, and spiritually in the form of our members’ ongoing commitment to tend to the needs of our community while exploring God’s promise together.

We carry that legacy into Central Lutheran’s second century, and just as our predecessors did, we face many uncertainties and challenges. As I write this, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, which hit right on the heels of Central’s 100th Anniversary celebrations. Though we cannot know what these next 100 years will bring, our fundamental task remains: to listen for God’s call and respond as we are able to the challenges before us, sharing God’s love with each other and our neighbors. Together—under the thoughtful leadership of the pastors, deacon and staff, with the guidance of the council leadership, and with trust in God’s promises—we can position Central Lutheran to meet the challenges of the next century in Minneapolis and beyond.

We are blessed to be a blessing to Central’s future generations and to this city we call home.

-Lisa Beane, Congregation President

You are welcome. No exceptions.

Central Lutheran Church experiences God’s expansive love and strives to share it abundantly. We affirm all people without regard to age, race, biological sex, housing status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, immigration, refugee or migration status, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, and physical or mental health or ability. All are a part of God’s family, created in God’s image. 

We strive to practice radical hospitality with all people.  Everyone is invited to immerse themselves in the life of this community of faith as we explore the promise of God for all.

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