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Jesus taught, “you cannot put new wine into old wineskins…” New wine needs new wineskins, renewed joy needs renewed vessels.

Building Renewal Update

February 16, 2018

You can see a time lapsed video of the demolition of the south commons, parish house and education building from October 2 through November 15.

Are you ready to actually see some progress? Watch the site over the next few weeks and you will begin to see progress. The footings and foundations are set, the block walls are in and now the steel beam and interior wood frame wall work begins. You will get a sense of the building as this next step in the process begins. It will be very exciting to see.

Below ground, in the lower level, framing, plumbing, heat and AC duct work continues. This week the architect also met with staff for office design, and the Building Renewal Project Team as the process continues on interior finishes, furniture needs and design.

The timeline is still holding, with full completion in later September and our occupancy sometime in early October. We will keep you posted on the ebb and flow of the timeline. Thank you for your continued prayers, excitement and flexibility.

All the other details that have been shared over the past weeks continue along as planned. If you missed some of the communications, previous copies of the Spirit are archived on the website.

Renewed Joy, Renewed Vessels Capital Appeal Materials

Building Renewal Architect Images

To see the architect renderings of the new facility, download this pdf.

Building Renewal Task Force

Hazel Reinhardt, chair
Kari Lyle
Ron Fiscus
Franklin Dietrich
Paul Troselius
Kevin Lile
Pastor Peter

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